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How to Change Your Diesel Fuel Filter Using Filters or a Kit from Western Filters

Changing the fuel filter in your vehicle is part of the necessary maintenance that keeps the truck running properly. Changing a diesel fuel filter is similar to changing that on any other vehicle, but there are some things to look for when doing the job yourself. The performance and the lifetime of your vehicle can be affected by the quality of the fuel that enters the engine. In any diesel engine, contaminants such as dust and dirt can get into the combustion cylinders and do some serious damage. The first line of protection against such contaminants is the fuel filter. Over time, the filtered material will build up on the filter indicating that it is time for a replacement. Here is how you can do the job on your own.

Items You Need to Change Diesel Fuel Filters

When preparing to change your diesel fuel filter, it is a good idea to gather the necessary tools and supplies that you need to make the process go smoothly. You will need a high-quality diesel fuel filter or diesel fuel filter kit that you can obtain from Western Filters located in Blacktown, NSW. We stock a wide range of quality replacement diesel fuel filters, oil filters, air filters, filter kits, and more. To remove the oil drain pan for the old filter, you may need a fuel filter wrench. This makes removing the old filter very easy. You will need a pan to drain any excess diesel fuel and some rags for cleaning. A pair of gloves is also advisable as the job can get somewhat dirty.

Replacing the Filter

Once you have located the old filter, begin the process by removing the sensors attached to it. Next, place your pan underneath the filter and open the drain valve. Any excess fuel will drain into the pan. Remove the old filter and be careful when taking it out. More fuel will likely pour out of the filter into your pan. Before putting the new filter in place, be sure to grease the O-ring and put some diesel into the fresh filter. Close the drain valve and place the wire sensors back in place. Once the new filter is in place, start up the engine to check for any leaks. If you do notice any leakage, you may want to contact a professional for assistance.

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