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Why you need an Oil Catch Can !

The latest diesel emissions systems, are required to return internal fumes from the crankcase back to the Air intake system. This air often has tiny droplets of oil called Blow-by, and over time accumulate clogging up Air Intake Manifolds, Intercoolers and Turbo Chargers, generally reducing performance of your vehicle. EGR Valves & Coolers are also affected turning the normally dry carbon or soot into a sludgy tar like substance again slowly reducing performance and economy of your vehicle over time. MANN+Hummel saw this as a great opportunity to utilise technology from their compressed air industry knowledge and adapting it to the filter element used in the Mann Provent 200 – separating around 98% of contaminates which is the key to our product. The Provent 200 is also fitted with an integrated safety valve to guard against irregular crankcase pressure.  Provent Units come in various sizes: 100, 150, 200, 400 & 800. They say “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery” but beware there are plenty of inferior copies of the Provent 200 on the market, please do your homework and check that it clearly states it is a Mann & Hummel product Made in Germany !

Western Filters being a MANN+Hummel distributor, saw the Provent 200 as a great solution to this problem over 10 years ago ! Western Filters was the first company in the world to create Vehicle Specific Catch Can or Oil Fume Separator Kits using the Mann & Hummel Provent 200. To date we have over 40 different kits available, to suit the most popular Turbo Diesel Four Wheel Drives and Utes on the road today ! 

All of our specific mounting kits come with the highest quality components – Stainless steel mounting brackets, Oil resistant hoses, clamps, fittings very detailed fitting instructions. Once you have fitted one of our Oil Catch Can Kits to your vehicle, you will be astounded at the amount of oil you catch, we recommend draining the Provent 200 once a month using the simple ball valve supplied in the kit. Western Filters recommend changing the Provent 200 element around the 40,000 kms mark!

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Toyota Hilux, Prado & Landcruiser, Mitsubishi Triton & Pajero, Ford Ranger & Everest, just to name a few !

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