Air Filters

Air filters reduce the amount of contaminates entering the engine's parts - Grit, dust, sand, bugs, smoke, soot and oil are butt to name a few of the types of contaminates confronted by drivers in Australia. In order to maintain optimum engine performance, it is imperitive to regularly change your air filter. The Australian environment is one of the harshish on the planet and driving over or through those conditions is a trial for most vehicles. The dust and grit of our dirts and sands are silicone based, containing quartz which is used to abrasives. Quality Air Filters are designed to meet or exceed the OE requirements for Australian conditions and that is why we only source quality air filters from the industry's best, such as; K&N, Baldwin, Ryco, Wesfil, Mann, Donaldson, Uni Filter and Sakura.

Western Filters was established in 1981 and is an experienced hand when it comes to cleaning and selling air filters. We have great relationships within the industry and carry one of, if not the largest range of air filters in Sydney. You can purchase an individual air filter or buy a vehicle specific filter kit. We have air filters for all manner of machinery - farm and industrial, trucks, buses and passenger vehicles such as cars, vans, 4wds and the like. We also cater to race needs with high performance K&N air filters. Our friendly staff will strive to assist you in getting the optimum performance out of your vehicle as quickest and easiest as posible. Western filters for all your air filter needs !

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