Air Ram


Protects Against Moisture - Improves intake system airflow & fuel economy

How Air Ram Works: - Moisture-filled air enters Air / - Air is naturally forced against rear wall. Moisture sticks to the wall, separating from the air. / - Moisture collects on the Air Ram wall and drains down to and out of the drain hole. / - Virtually moisture-free air passes into air cleaner.  Features: Lightweight, non-corrosive, and durable — no service needed • Inlet screen prevents large debris from entering intake ducting • Side louvers ensure continuous airflow to intake system • Common inlet sizes fit most installations • Eliminates water from air intake system. Installation Notes: All Air Ram inlet hoods MUST be installed with the screen facing forward to ensure best performance. Airflow restriction will not be reduced if the Air Ram faces sideways; but if it faces backwards, restriction does increase and adversely affects engine performance.

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