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Air Ram


Protects Against Moisture - Improves intake system airflow & fuel economy

How Air Ram Works: - Moisture-filled air enters Air / - Air is naturally forced against rear wall. Moisture sticks to the wall, separating from the air. / - Moisture collects on the Air Ram wall and drains down to and out of the drain hole. / - Virtually moisture-free air passes into air cleaner.  Features: Lightweight, non-corrosive, and durable — no service needed • Inlet screen prevents large debris from entering intake ducting • Side louvers ensure continuous airflow to intake system • Common inlet sizes fit most installations • Eliminates water from air intake system. Installation Notes: All Air Ram inlet hoods MUST be installed with the screen facing forward to ensure best performance. Airflow restriction will not be reduced if the Air Ram faces sideways; but if it faces backwards, restriction does increase and adversely affects engine performance.


H008154 Donaldson 4 "Air Ram Inlet: 102mm / 4"


Primarily over-highway trucks for engine airflow of 700 to 1000 cfm.Protects against moisture, improves airflow and fuel economy. Improves intake system airflow and fuel economy by reducing restriction. Common inlet sizes fit most installations...


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