Hifi Fuel Filter Water Separators

Every combustion engine, whether diesel or petrol, is equipped with one or more fuel filters to ensure absolute protection of the components concerned and their optimal functioning. The quality of the filter is crucial to prevent impurities from reaching the injection system or the carburettor and thus clogging them. In some cases, it also ensures that the water in the fuel is perfectly separated. Condensation in the tank can cause water to contaminate the fuel, cause seizure of the injectors and lead to corrosion damage. Effective and appropriate separation is therefore necessary to prevent these risks and ensure long-term engine performance.

Fuel Filters for all Fuel Injection Systems
Modern diesel engines incorporate very high pressure direct injection systems (over 2,000 bar), known as common rail, in order to comply with CO2 emission regulations. These modern but sensitive injection systems require ever finer filtration to avoid breakdowns. A well-maintained fuel system extends the life of your engine, improves its performance and reduces fuel consumption. The fuel filter must therefore be regularly checked and replaced according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Hifi-Filter is able to provide you with this quality equipment, regardless of the type of your engine.

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