Baldwin Dahl Fuel Water Separators

Removes virtually 100% of water & most contaminants: The DAHL system eliminates water from fuel before reaching the fuel pump and injectors. This prevents the major cause of diesel fuel injection system failure. A DAHL fuel filter/water separator prolongs system life by eliminating pump and injector overhauls caused by water contaminated fuel. The cost of shop labor alone, just to repair the injection system on a 6-cylinder rig, exceeds the cost of the DAHL diesel fuel filter/water separator.

Many existing fuel filters aren’t designed to remove significant amounts of water. They are designed to do their job in a single step. This means they must be porous enough to allow sufficient flow volume, which limits filtering ability. Any tighter media would result in frequent element changes. DAHL fuel filter/water separators have less mechanical flow resistance than other separators, because the fuel changes direction only twice. The DAHL unit removes virtually 100% of the water and most of the contaminants from the fuel.

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