Why Quality Matters with Your Oil Filter Kits

Is your car or truck due for a new oil filter? If so, consider coming to Western Filters for your replacement. Our oil filter kits are always of premium quality and will serve you better for longer than any generic alternative. more.

Looking for Oil, Air or Fuel Filters for Your 4x4? Try 4x4 Filter Kits from Western Filters

If you take your 4x4 out for off-road rides on a regular basis, then it is likely taking its fair share of abuse along the way. To be fair, 4x4 vehicles are designed to be driven hard and pushed to the limit on rough terrain and dusty landscapes in more.

Find Fuel and Water Separators for the Latest Diesel Engines at Western Filters

Whether you are driving a truck with the latest diesel engine or trying to maintain the performance of an older vehicle or piece of machinery, a diesel water separator kit is always a worthwhile investment. more.

How to Change Your Diesel Fuel Filter Using Filters or a Kit from Western Filters

Changing the fuel filter in your vehicle is part of the necessary maintenance that keeps the truck running properly. Changing a diesel fuel filter is similar to changing that on any other vehicle, but there are some things to look for when doing the more.

Donaldson: One of the Oldest Names in Oil and Air Filters, Available at Western Filters

In the lineage of oil and air filters, Donaldson is one of the biggest and oldest names in the book. According to the official Donaldson website, company founder Frank Donaldson designed the very first engine air filter. The company has continued more.

Western Filters Has the Right Fleetguard Fuel Filter and Fuel and Water Separator for Your Truck

Most maintenance directors of major fleets of diesel trucks know how dangerous water is to a diesel engine. They also know that diesel fuel has a much higher propensity to absorb water than regular petrol. Your fuel is exposed to water at more.

How Do Fuel and Water Separator Filters Work?

Usually, when we talk about the filters used for automotive and heavy machinery purposes, we are talking about systems that are meant to keep solids from getting into the engine, the oil or the fuel. This description fits common filter types such more.

When to Replace Your Fuel Filter—and Where to Find High-Quality Fuel Filters in Australia

Though often less discussed than other filters found in your vehicle—such as air and oil filters—the fuel filter is no less essential. Just like the oil filter works to keep particles and other unwanted debris out of your motor oil, the fuel filter more.

What Sets K&N Oil and Air Filters Apart from the Competition

If you spend any considerable time researching oil filters, air filters, fuel filters and the brands that manufacture them, you will quickly learn that many brands have their specific areas of expertise. For instance, Donaldson is one of the more.

Choose the Best in Machinery Air Filters, Oil Filters, Fuel Filters, and Filter Kits

On a job site, it is imperative that all the machinery involved in the project operates properly. Any breakdown can compromise the projected completion date and may have serious financial implications. Typical heavy machinery in the workplace may more.

Western Filters: Your One Stop Shop for Oil, Air and Fuel Filter Kits

Are you dealing with a performance problem with your car, truck, 4WD, earthmoving equipment or any other piece of machinery? If so, then there is a good chance the problem has something to do with a filter. At Western Filters, we have everything more.

Add an Oil Catch Can to Your Diesel Engine to Reduce Long-Term Maintenance

If you could add one additional step to your regular car maintenance in exchange for safeguarding your diesel engine's performance and prolonging its life, would you? Of course — most vehicle owners would love to reduce their maintenance costs over more.

Looking for Oil Catch Cans to Install on Your Vehicle? Western Filters Can Help

For those who love their cars and make it a point to play a large role in their maintenance, you know exactly how your vehicle behaves. From the way it sounds to how it handles on the road, it doesn't take you long to figure out when something more.

What Can Provent Oil Catch Cans Offer to Your Vehicle?

With so many parts and accessories available in the automotive industry, it's not always easy to discern which are essential and which are just for show. For protecting your engine and affording real benefits over time Provent oil catch cans are more.

Why Sakura Filters Are a Dependable Choice for Both Air and Fuel Filtration

Amongst well-known filtration solutions companies, Sakura doesn’t have quite the history or clout of Donaldson. Where Donaldson has been developing air filters since revolutionising the industry in 1915, Sakura has been around for about 40 years more.

The Importance of Truck Fuel Filters, Oil Filters, Air Filters, and Replacement Filter Kits

There is no doubt that the performance of your truck depends greatly upon the quality and ability of a number of filters. Truck air filters and those for oil and fuel play a big role in how well your truck performs and in the life of the more.

Get a Quality Unifilter at the Right Price at Western Filters

Unifilter is a unique product with an ingenious design. Uni Filter has been making foam motorcycle filters for over forty-five years. Their design has evolved with the times and continue to be the “Gold Standard” of motorcycle filters to this day more.

Prolong Engine Life & Improve Efficiency on Your Isuzu Dmax with a Provent Catch Can

A reliable ute is a valuable and essential tool for many individuals in a diverse group of occupations around Australia. When your vehicle stops working properly or experiences a severe decline in performance, it can have a significant impact on more.

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