What Can Provent Oil Catch Cans Offer to Your Vehicle?

With so many parts and accessories available in the automotive industry, it's not always easy to discern which are essential and which are just for show. For protecting your engine and affording real benefits over time Provent oil catch cans are essential additions under the hood. Every engine comes equipped with a system for venting gases and vapours that build up inside the crankcase — otherwise, the additional internal pressure could cause the entire case to crack or otherwise break. By recycling this vapour, manufacturers reduce harmful emissions while ideally increasing efficiency. In practice, however, the vapours vented from your crankcase often come laden with particles you don't want.

Oil is essential for lubrication and smooth engine operation, but there are plenty of places where oil shouldn't appear, too. Your intake manifold is one such place. However, the oil aerosolised into vapour from your crankcase can accumulate and deposit here, eventually forming a clog that prevents air from entering the engine. For those with turbochargers, this vapour represents another danger; it could quickly turn to a hardened sludge that strips away all the gains in power you enjoy. By installing a Provent catch can, though, you can reliably avoid these costly problems.

The benefits of installing a Provent oil catch can kit

Protecting key engine components from sludge and eventual damage is just one benefit Provent catch cans offer to their users. Installing a crankcase breather and keeping the harmful components of blow-by away from your intake will mean your engine can stick to a higher level of fuel economy for longer. When you want to keep your fuel expenses low, try to avoid problems that could make your engine less efficient.

Catch cans also help to maintain a consistent level of power during engine operation. Burning oil is an outcome that every car owner should hope to avoid; Provent products keep oil where it belongs. Best of all, installation is easy, and maintaining a catch can over time is very simple.

Find the quality parts your car requires at Western Filters

Every engine is a little different when it comes to where key components appear. Choosing the appropriate Provent oil catch can is as simple as selecting the model matched for your vehicle, though. At Western Filters, we have catch can kits that are ideal for quite a number of vehicles, including the Ford Ranger and the Mitsubishi Triton. As the first company to create Provent kits, we have a better understanding of placement and installation into specific vehicles. With many years of experience dealing in filters and equipment like the catch can, we're well positioned to help connect you with the products you need. Browse our entire selection right here on our site, or ring us on (02) 9831 1715 for fast and friendly answers to your questions. We are happy to help!


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