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Western Filters supplies a range of SuperCharge batteries for various applications, including cars, trucks, agricultural equipment, earthmoving, camping, motorcycles, and marine.

SuperCharge batteries have provided millions of Aussies with dependable power for their vehicles and marine vessels since 1984. The success of SuperCharge has been credited for innovation, quality, and a diverse range of products made to meet various customer requirements. 

SuperCharge claims one of the extended nationwide warranties for automotive or industrial use, demonstrating its belief in product durability and customer satisfaction. 

Why You Should Opt for SuperCharge Batteries?

Cutting-edge Innovation and Quality Assurance: SuperCharge leads in battery innovation, continuously introducing new products and setting higher industry benchmarks. SuperCharge's unwavering commitment to research and development ensures that each battery meets market standards and sets its benchmark, providing the latest in battery technology and performance.

Customised for Diverse Applications: SuperCharge provides an extensive selection of specialised products designed for diverse applications. Their collection includes batteries for automotive, motorcycle, industrial, and marine applications. Additionally, they offer specialised variants like the SuperCharge Allrounder for general use, Truckmaster for heavy-duty vehicles, and Seamaster for marine applications. It ensures that SuperCharge delivers a precise solution customised to meet your unique requirements.

Comprehensive Product Range: SuperCharge offers a wide array of products, such as Gladiator, GoldPlus, SilverPlus, and more, serving a diverse range of customer requirements. Each series is customised for specific applications, guaranteeing that whether you're on the road, at sea, or in an industrial setting, a SuperCharge battery meets your exact needs. For instance, their Gladiator series represents durability and longevity, making it perfect for demanding environments.

Endurance and Dependability: At the core of SuperCharge's commitment lies longevity. The enduring performance of their batteries stems from ongoing innovation and strict quality control measures. This dedication is reflected in their extensive warranties, and the trust millions of Australians have placed in them over the years.



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