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Western Filters provides an extensive range of transmission cooler kits, dual cooler kits, and oil coolers from trusted brands such as Direction-Plus and Goss. These automotive cooling systems are engineered to improve the performance and durability of your vehicle's transmission system. Transmission coolers use superior-quality materials to guarantee efficient cooling to uphold ideal fluid temperature.

A transmission cooler is crucial for maintaining correct transmission fluid temperatures, especially during high-performance driving, heavy towing, or driving in hot climatic conditions. At Western Filters, we offer various transmission coolers ideal for removing excessive heat from your vehicle’s transmission fluid. This guarantees your vehicle operates reliably and smoothly without the risk of overheating.

These transmission cooler kits offer a complete solution, including all the required components for a seamless installation. Transmission cooler kits contain the transmission cooler, mounting brackets, fittings, hoses and installation manual. Western Filters supplies transmission cooler kits to fit various vehicle models, guaranteeing proper fitment and compatibility.

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