Air Inlet Hoods & Precleaners


Powerful Two-Stage Filtration for Diesels Operating in Medium to Heavy Dust Conditions

Air Inlet Hoods:Protection Against Rain and Debris Ingestion • Protects engine air intake from rain, snow, birds, and other large contaminants • Mounts on stack or directly to air cleaner for on-road and off-road equipment • Four styles in a wide variety of sizes • Installs easily with one clamp. Clamp included with hood on most styles. Pre-cleaners: No matter what dust condition, pre-cleaners extend air filter life. Pre-cleaners remove contaminant of varying sizes from entering the intake duct, and they don‘t require any engine power to operate. Donaldson devices collect the contaminant (Full-View), others just eject or drop the contaminant (TopSpin, TopSpin HD, in-line separator), or are connected via a scavenge system and route debris out the exhaust system (Donaspin, Strata Cap).

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