Air Cleaner Housings


Air Intake systems for light, medium and heavy dust environments

With the multitude of sizes and styles of air cleaners available from Donaldson, how do you choose the proper model that will reliably protect your engine and deliver maximum filter service life ?

Selection is based on two primary factors - airflow requirements of your engine and the environment the air cleaner will be operating in. For the most accurate engine airflow specifications, Donaldson recommends using the intake airflow rate specified by the engine manufacturer. If the air cleaner is envisaged to experience excessive engine vibration, include a pulsation factor into your calculations. PowerCore: The PCD air cleaner family offers single-stage filtration in a compact unit that delivers superior filtration performance using Donaldson PowerCore Filtration Technology. The FPG Air Cleaner series is a family of two-stage RadialSeal engine air cleaners for medium to heavy dust conditions. The FRG Air Cleaner series is a family of two-stage RadialSeal engine air cleaners that provide improved reliability, better durability and reduced weight compared to axial seal style air cleaner designs. The FRG2 Air Cleaner is a two-stage hybrid air cleaner with RadialSeal™ Sealing Technology, offering superior protection for larger engines.

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