Fleetguard Filter Kits

Fleetguard Filters are a manufacturer of very high quality filters for the transport industry. They are the brand most truck drivers choose !! Fleetguard Filters is part of the Cummins Group, Cummins Filtration is recognised worldwide as the leader in the fields of heavy duty filtration. Designed to meet today's and tomorrow's emission standards. Fleetguard products are keeping industry moving, now and into the future. When you buy a Cummins Filtration product, you are assured superior warranty protection from the point of purchase throughout the recommended life of the product. Since 1958, Cummins Filtration has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of innovative technology for air intake and filtration. As the world's leading designer and manufacturer of filtration, coolant and fuel additive technology for all engine powered systems, Cummins Filtration and their industry leading Fleetguard products, provide the best protection available.

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