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Air Filter Kits

Does Your Car’s Air Filter Need Replacing? Common Signs That It’s Time for a Fresh Air Filter Kit

When we think about how our cars get power, most of us probably give almost full credit to the dynamic duo of the engine and fuel. Most of us probably don’t think about air as something that is essential to keep our vehicles running. However, the truth of the matter with combustion engines is that, without air, the combustion process can’t work properly. It’s a combination of air and fuel in the combustion chamber that powers your car—not just fuel itself.

This little crash course helps explain why the air filter plays a much more crucial part in a vehicle’s performance than many people realise. With so much air entering the engine to help drive the combustion process, it is vital for there to be a sort of ‘gatekeeper’ to prevent contaminants and debris from getting in as well. Your air filter plays that gatekeeper role. Debris could cause serious damage to your engine if it got through the air filter. Fortunately, filters stop that debris while still letting air through—protecting your engine while also giving it the oxygen it needs to fuel the combustion process.

What Happens When Air Filters Get Dirty? (And How Can You Recognise the Signs)

Like every other component of your car, your air filter will eventually need to be replaced. When that time comes, Western Filters is here to help. We carry an array of high-quality air filters so that you can keep getting the most out of your engine.

How can you know that your air filter is dirty and in need of replacement? We often hear this question at Western Filters, and there are multiple answers to it. The easiest way to know for sure is just to check under the hood and pull out the air filter to see how it looks. When you get your oil changed, the technicians will usually check it for you and let you know if it’s starting to get dirty. As such, if you are someone who tends to get oil changes on a semi-regular basis, you will likely know that you require an air filter replacement before you really start to notice any performance issue.

Air filters that are performing optimally will block debris from getting into the engine, but will still allow plenty of air through. When your air filter gets extremely dirty, it will essentially get clogged—to the point where it is blocking airflow to the engine. This blockage makes it difficult for the car’s combustion process to work as it is supposed to, which can cause multiple performance problems for your car.

The most obvious problem is reduced fuel economy. If you notice that you aren’t getting as far on a tank of fuel as you used to, then it might be time for a replacement air filter. Other problems include reduced horsepower when you press the accelerator, a misfiring engine when you try to start the car or strange engine sounds. Your ‘Check Engine’ or ‘Service Needed’ light might also light up.

Buy New Air Filters at Western Filters

If you need a new air filter for your car, Western Filters is the right place to shop. We only stock the best quality parts and can help you find the right filter for your vehicle. We stock Wesfil, Donaldson, Mann, K&N, Sakura, Baldwin, Unifilter amongst others. Give us a call on (02) 9831 1715 to find out if we have a filter that will work for your make and model!


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