Diesel Oil Catch Can

Add an Oil Catch Can to Your Diesel Engine to Reduce Long-Term Maintenance

If you could add one additional step to your regular car maintenance in exchange for safeguarding your diesel engine's performance and prolonging its life, would you? Of course — most vehicle owners would love to reduce their maintenance costs over the long term. What kind of solution are we talking about, though? It boils down to installing an oil catch can in your diesel engine. As a method for reducing oil sludge buildup inside the engine and preventing a situation where engine knocking could develop, the catch can is a very robust and durable solution.

During normal operation of a diesel engine, excesses inside the crankcase exit via a ventilation point. The vapours emitted from positive crankcase ventilation often return straight to the intake manifold, with the idea being that any remaining combustible vapours will re-enter the engine. However, in many cases, this vapour contains traces of motor oil. As it passes back into your manifold, the droplets can condense out of the vapour, forming a sludgy deposit. Some may even make it into the engine to be burned, which could eventually cause problems of its own. By installing a diesel oil catch can, you can trap this oil before it ever impacts components downstream.

Find the right oil catch can for your diesel vehicle

What kind of vehicle are you driving? While we do have universal catch cans that might fit your diesel vehicle, for the best performance be sure to explore all our products to see if we have a special kit to match your vehicle. This can make installation much simpler as it only requires attaching the hoses, positioning the unit correctly, and ensuring all connections are snug. That's all it takes to begin capturing oil that might otherwise become stuck in all kinds of engine components.

We understand our customers just want to know what's best for their vehicle; our job is to tell you how to do that truthfully. We'll always work to help you identify the best solutions. We then offer those solutions at competitive prices. Using a catch can is both good for your car and good for the environment — both causes we think are well worth an honest effort.

Choose our fast, reliable service and personal touch

Diesel engines are incredible for many applications, but these finely tuned machines need careful attention to their care to ensure proper function. With the installation of a new Provent oil catch can kit, you can drastically reduce the need for intensive intake maintenance even after tens of thousands of kilometres of travel. When all you need to do is install the kit and regularly empty the captured oil, why not look at this option a little more closely?

Western Filters provides complete installation kits for a number of vehicles, such as the Toyota Prado. Need assistance or direction when choosing a catch can, or want to know more about how it will affect your diesel vehicle's performance? Contact our team for an informative conversation today by phoning on (02) 9831 1715.


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