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Looking for Oil Catch Cans to Install on Your Vehicle? Western Filters Can Help

For those who love their cars and make it a point to play a large role in their maintenance, you know exactly how your vehicle behaves. From the way it sounds to how it handles on the road, it doesn't take you long to figure out when something isn't quite right. Even with regular maintenance and routine oil changes, the nature of engine design sometimes means that problems can develop over the life of the vehicle. These invisible issues aren't easy to spot without knowing where to look. If you've been tipped off to the benefits of installing a catch can, then you know that it can spare you from some of those problems.

For those who aren't acquainted with the oil catch can, it's a simple piece of hardware that attaches to the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) port on your engine. Inside the can, specially designed meshes and filters trap harmful particles like oil to prevent them from unwanted accumulated deposits on critical components. The only thing users need to concern themselves with after installation is the occasional need to change the filters in your catch cans; just do this during your regular oil change when the need arises. These replacement elements are available from Western Filters. When you're searching for a reputable source of quality, industry-standard oil catch cans, Western Filters stands ready to assist you.

Take better care of your engine with a catch can

Your vehicle likely sees lots of use in many different capacities — from simply providing a mode of transport to being a workhorse essential to getting things done. The installation of a crankcase breather like those created by MANN+HUMMEL helps your vehicle continue to work hard while avoiding the eventual need to tear down and deep clean certain engine components. The kits we provide through Western Filters include everything you need to install a catch can to begin recapturing the oil that could affect your turbocharger, intercooler or engine performance.

We believe another major advantage to these products is their compact design and easy fit inside the engine compartment. Some modifications can be difficult when it's crowded under the hood, and can even make later maintenance more difficult. Western filters have done all the hard work with our specific kits, to make installation a breeze. Our catch cans include custom hoses and a special stainless bracket. The catch cans we sell are easy to maintain now and into the future, while fitting easily in between your existing equipment.

Western Filters: experienced parts providers for decades

Despite the utility and advantages catch cans offer to car owners everywhere, they aren't a standard part of engine design. Taking it upon yourself to add this essential item to protect your intakes and turbo units is one easy way to ensure your vehicle operates as it should throughout its life. Plus, with how easy it is to maintain a catch can — just properly dispose of the accumulated oil from time to time — it's not something that requires lots of additional attention.

At Western Filters, we've built up an expansive array of knowledge over our years in the industry. Let us help you select the ideal catch can kit and put your order in today. Call us on (02) 9831 1715 for direct assistance.


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