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Unifilter is a unique product with an ingenious design. Uni Filter has been making foam motorcycle filters for over forty-five years. Their design has evolved with the times and continue to be the “Gold Standard” of motorcycle filters to this day.

Today’s version of the Unifilter is a two part foam filter that can be cleaned and maintained by the user. They fit the standard air box of most modern motorcycles and there is a retrofit kit for older bikes. The foam portion of the filter system is oiled with a special filter oil that helps the foam trap particles that are suspended in the air. This oil and foam system provides far less resistance than other conventional motorcycle air filter systems. Less resistance means more air to the engine and less draw on engine horsepower to suck in that air.

Unifilter is Race Inspired and Race Tested!

It is no wonder that the Uni Filter system is utilised by most of the top motorcycle racers in the world. The Uni Filter has been race tested on all types of motorcycles. Whether on the paved track, on the dirt or anywhere else motorcycles are raced, Uni Filter dominates the competition.

Unifilter is Not Just for Motorcycles Anymore

This advanced foam filter system is no longer just for motorcycles. Uni Filter has now applied this technology to high-performance filters for automobiles. Many of the same benefits of better air filtration in high dust situations and less resistance is also a benefit to the four wheel drive enthusiast. Western Filters is proud to be associated with Unifilter and offer their line of filters to our customers.

We stock Uni Filters for a variety of vehicles and high dust applications. These Uni Filter units offer the same high performance as their motorcycle counterparts, but have been redesigned to fit your vehicle. We even offer Uni Filter units for “snorkel” applications in off-road and four-wheel drive vehicles. The air intake in a conventional vehicle is usually right on top of or next to the engine. For some off-road uses and certainly when traversing the bush country, a snorkel is added. These are the air intakes that you see usually rising next to the passenger compartment on some serious off-road vehicles. That keeps the air intake above any creeks or streams you may cross in this type of vehicle.

Most vehicles that need a snorkel usually operate in some of the harshest conditions. It is in these applications that the technology born from dirt bike racing shines for off-road autos. What off-roader isn’t looking for a little extra power and a more effective air filtration system?

We offer twenty-two different Unifilter models, including five for snorkel configurations. If you have any questions about the compatibility of a Unifilter with your particular vehicle, contact us on (02) 9831 1715. Our knowledgeable staff will make sure we get all your questions about Unifilters answered.


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