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Water and Diesel DO Mix!

Most maintenance directors of major fleets of diesel trucks know how dangerous water is to a diesel engine. They also know that diesel fuel has a much higher propensity to absorb water than regular petrol. Your fuel is exposed to water at many points prior to being consumed by your engine. Let’s assume that you have a 1,000-litre tank of diesel at your depot to top off your trucks. When that tank is only one third full, the remainder of the tank is filled with air. As that air in the headspace of the tank heats and cools with the outside temperature, condensation occurs inside the tank. That water then runs down the side of the tank and into the fuel. The same thing occurs on a smaller scale in the tanks of your trucks.

Petrol does not readily absorb the water like diesel fuel. There are also mechanisms within the tanks to try to minimise this occurrence, but the phenomenon still occurs. This is one of the reasons why the installation of a Fleetguard fuel and water separator is so important to protect the engines of your trucks. A Fleetguard fuel and water separator will segregate the water in the diesel into a small reservoir tank. That receptacle is then emptied with regularity, keeping the water from accumulating in your Fleetguard fuel filter or getting into your engine. Small amounts of water can cause the engine to run rough or not at all. The water also causes corrosion to internal engine parts, significantly increasing maintenance expenses and decreasing engine life.

Trust Fleetguard Filters for Your Truck

Fleetguard filters are a product of Cummins, a worldwide leader in truck engines. All Fleetguard filters, including every model of Fleetguard fuel filter, is made to their exacting standards and with the experience gained after producing millions of engines. Who better to determine how to manufacture the most effective filters, than the company whose reputation is on the line if the engine fails?

We stock a large line of Fleetguard filters, including Fleetguard fuel filters, air filters, oil filters, cabin air filters and filter kits. You merely need to insert the data for your vehicle on our website, and you will see a list of Fleetguard filters we have in stock that will fit the bill. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us on (02) 9831 1715 to talk to one of our courteous, helpful representatives.

Don’t keep driving around with a dirty fuel filter or with water in your fuel system. For a small investment, you can avoid lengthy downtime while your truck is out of service and prolong the lifespan of your engine with a Fleetguard fuel filter or a Fleetguard fuel and water separator. New filters help your truck engine run more efficiently, run cleaner and require less maintenance. Check your maintenance logs to see the last time each of the various filters on your fleet were changed. Put in a fresh set of Fleetguard filters today. You will be glad you did.


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