Fuel and Water Separator Kit

How Do Fuel and Water Separator Filters Work?

Usually, when we talk about the filters used for automotive and heavy machinery purposes, we are talking about systems that are meant to keep solids from getting into the engine, the oil or the fuel. This description fits common filter types such as air, oil and fuel filters.

However, particles and debris are not the only impurities that can threaten the performance of a car, truck, 4WD, earthmover or other similar pieces of machinery. Indeed, water can be a problem as well. Unsurprisingly, there is a filter meant to keep water out of the system as well: the fuel water separator filter.

What Is a Fuel and Water Separator?

As the name suggests, a fuel and water separator is a type of filter that is put in place to separate unwanted water from the fuel. When water gets into diesel, it runs the risk of washing off the lubricant on a vehicle’s fuel injectors. Without proper lubrication, your fuel injectors don’t work as well. As a result, if water gets into your fuel—and makes it to the fuel pump—it can impair the performance of your fuel injectors, sabotage engine performance and negatively affect your vehicle’s fuel economy.

A fuel water separator filter is there to prevent loss of lubrication of the fuel injectors. Due to a number of different factors, it’s sometimes difficult to avoid having water in a fuel tank. The fuel and water separator, then, acts as a sort of failsafe to make sure that the water doesn’t get anywhere where it could cause real damage. The filter’s job is to take water out of your diesel before it reaches the fuel pump and fuel injectors.

The primary purpose of fuel and water separators, as the name implies, is to remove water from your fuel. However, these filters can also provide another line of defence against solid debris particles. Water, of course, is not the only impurity that can end up in fuel when it is pumped into a tank. Dust, dirt, paint chips and other unwanted particles can also end up in the fuel. A fuel water separator filter, similar to the fuel filter, can catch some of these impurities before they make it to the fuel pump.

Need a New Separator? Find Fuel Water Separator Kits at Western Filters

Prefilter kits to fit inline before the factory fuel filter to remove water and the larger particles before it reaches the final fuel filter.

Like other types of automotive filters, fuel and water separators don’t last forever. Eventually, you may find that you need a separator replacement. When that time comes, Western Filters is here to help. We have a wide selection of fuel water separator kits—including kits to suit all the latest diesel engines on the market. We can provide the quality parts you need to protect your fuel injectors, safeguard your engine and make sure your truck, car, 4WD or earthmoving equipment continues to operate optimally.

If you need help finding the right fuel water separator kit for your vehicle or piece of machinery, feel free to get in touch or stop by our store in Sydney West. You can reach Western Filters by calling us on (02) 9831 1715.


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