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4WD Filter Kits

Serious Four Wheelers Rely on Western Filters for All Their 4WD Oil, Air, Fuel and Full Filter Kits

You are serious about your four wheel drive vehicle and its performance. You understand that nothing robs your engine of performance and lifespan faster than dirty clogged filters. Whether you need quality 4WD filter kits or individual filters, there is one place to get those quality filters at the right price -Western filters. We are your one stop shop for all your 4WD filter needs.

4WD Filter Kits Include All the Filters You Need

We carry an array of 4WD filter kits that include 4WD oil filters, 4WD air filters and 4WD fuel filters, (including Donaldson and Fleetguard). These 4WD filter kits have all the filters you need in one easy kit and are vehicle specific. For many vehicles, the 4WD filter kits we offer even include the cabin air filters.

We cannot overemphasise how important it is to replace your 4WD oil filters on a regular basis. Many automobile manufacturers have extended the amount of time or number of kilometres now allowed between oil changes. However, many car owners do not fully understand that the increased kilometre figures only relate to how far the oil can typically go before thermal breakdown, not how much dirt is accumulated. Engine oil gets just as dirty as it ever has, especially in today’s higher revving engines. Add the rigours of four wheeling in hostile environments, and the concern is compounded.

Stop start driving is just as bad for the latest vehicles as the engine cannot get up to an optimum temperature to burn off impurities in the oil system.

Clean oil is required for proper lubrication and oil flow. When 4WD oil filters become clogged or dirty, the abrasive, dirty oil and the grit it contains grinds against your moving engine parts in a very hot state - causing damage. Also, dirty 4WD oil filters prevent the oil from flowing correctly and put undue strain on the oil pump to circulate oil through the filter and the lubrication system.

Every four wheel drive enthusiast wants maximum performance from their engine. During the intake stroke of a particular piston in your engine, air is pulled through the 4WD air filters and into the cylinder. Dirty 4WD air filters increase the resistance to pull this air through the filter. Imagine the difference between breathing through a clean handkerchief and breathing through a handkerchief with a centimetre of dust and grime on it. You are forcing the engine to work harder to get air which robs it of horsepower and makes it run less efficiently. We wouldn’t expect an athlete to perform as well with less oxygen. Don’t expect your engine will react any differently.

Clean 4WD Fuel Filters Are Critical

The diesel that you put in your vehicle comes from a variety of sources. Different companies also refine petrol and diesel fuel in different manners. Additionally, there are a variety of additives now required by various government entities that do not always remain in suspension in the fuel itself. Add to those issues the fact that many fuelling stations may accumulate debris in their tanks or pumping equipment that may find its way into your tank, along with water from contamination or condensation, and you have the recipe for engine disaster.

Therefore, your 4WD fuel filters should be changed regularly. Speak to one of our representatives and after describing the type of driving you do, they can suggest the appropriate intervals to change your 4WD fuel filters that will protect your investment.


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