Looking for Oil, Air or Fuel Filters for Your 4x4? Try 4x4 Filter Kits from Western Filters

If you take your 4x4 out for off-road rides on a regular basis, then it is likely taking its fair share of abuse along the way. To be fair, 4x4 vehicles are designed to be driven hard and pushed to the limit on rough terrain and dusty landscapes in harsh Australian conditions. There are things you would probably be willing to try on a 4x4 that you would never try in a car.

Maintenance for Your 4x4: What You Need to Think About

However, if you are going to push your 4x4 to the limit, you will have to pay closer attention to routine maintenance. Indeed, many 4x4 drivers will replace their air filters two times a year at least, just because of all the dust and dirt their vehicles are accumulating on typical off-road excursions. Drivers spending a lot of time off-road might switch out their 4x4 oil filters even more frequently—three or four times a year if necessary.

If you are noticing performance dips in your 4x4, a clogged oil filter could be the culprit. However, it’s not the only potential problem. Fuel filters and oil filters often get clogged, and while those probably aren’t taking the level of abuse your air filter is, both are worth watching. We recommend changing your oil and fuel filter every 5000kms with the latest engines.

Simplify Your 4x4 Maintenance, with 4x4 Filter Kits from Western Filters

To maximise the performance of your 4x4, it’s recommended that you change all your filters on a semi-regular basis. Rather than switching 4x4 oil filters, air filters and fuel filters at all different times, you’d do best to get in the habit of switching everything out at the same time. With a 4x4 filter kit from Western Filters, you can do just that.

Our 4x4 filter kits include everything you will need to change out all the filters in your vehicle. Each kit includes a 4x4 fuel filter, a 4x4 oil filter and a 4x4 air filter. Installing all three at the same time delivers an instant uptick in performance for your vehicle and simplifies your whole maintenance calendar to boot. The last thing you want is to have to replace a different component every month, or worse, to forget what you replaced when. By doing all your filter upgrades at the same time, you streamline the process considerably.

At Western Filters, we stock an array of different 4x4 filters. Our filter kit selection includes compatible filters for brands like Ford, Holden, Mitsubishi and many others. If you have a specific 4x4 model that you need filters for, we are happy to speak with you about it and check our inventory to see if we have a compatible kit option. If you are interested in shopping with us for your 4x4 filter needs, just give us a call on (02) 9831 1715 or stop by our store on the west side of Sydney. There’s no better place in the area to shop for 4x4 air, oil or fuel filters.


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