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When to Replace Your Fuel Filter—and Where to Find High-Quality Fuel Filters in Australia

Though often less discussed than other filters found in your vehicle—such as air and oil filters—the fuel filter is no less essential. Just like the oil filter works to keep particles and other unwanted debris out of your motor oil, the fuel filter helps keep junk out of your fuel. And just like the oil filter prevents debris from getting into the oil pump or engine and causing permanent damage, the fuel filter keeps debris out of your fuel pump and fuel injectors.

At Western Filters, we carry a range of fuel filters and fuel filter separator kits to help you replace an old and clogged fuel filter. To know whether your fuel filter might need replacing in the first place, read on below.

How to Know When a New Fuel Filter Is Needed

As you might expect, fuel filters are—among other things—responsible for ensuring that your car’s fuel economy is as high as possible. If you aren’t seeing the fuel efficiency that you are used to, there is a chance that your fuel filter could be a contributing factor. However, since there are also other problems that can diminish fuel economy—such as a clogged air filter—you should look for efficiency drops alongside these other symptoms:

  • Difficulty Starting Your Engine: As your fuel filter gets progressively more blocked, you will also find it progressively more difficult to start your engine. A clogged filter essentially means that your engine can’t access the fuel in your tank, which is obviously a problem. If the problem is fuel filter related, then you will eventually reach a point where the car won’t start at all. If you are contending with this issue, it’s a good idea to take your car in and have it looked at by a mechanic, just to identify the source of the problem.
  • A Shaky Engine: If your car starts up, but feels shaky while idling, that could be another sign that a fuel filter replacement is imminent. Again, a clogged fuel filter inhibits the flow of fuel in your car, which can lead to a jerky engine while you are idling. Sometimes, this issue could even result in your engine dying while you are driving.
  • Performance Issues at Lower Speeds: Often, drivers having problems with their fuel filters will complain that their car seems to drive just fine at highway speeds, but struggles more on lower speed roads. If your car feels particularly shaky at low speeds, then fuel flow is likely the culprit and a fuel filter replacement should solve the problem.

Fix Your Car with a Fuel Filter from Western Filters

Problems with fuel filters are frustrating because they can really impair the reliability of your vehicle. If your fuel filter is clogged or clogging, you only have so many drives left before your car can’t properly distribute fuel anymore. At that point, you’ll be left stranded on the side of the road or in the parking lot at work, looking for a tow to the nearest service centre.

The better strategy is to look for the symptoms listed above and get your car looked at as soon as you notice them. If you do have a clogged filter, Western Filters can provide fuel filters to repair the issue and get you back out on the road. Call us on (02) 9831 1715 to learn more.


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