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Prolong Engine Life & Improve Efficiency on Your Isuzu Dmax with a Provent Catch Can

A reliable ute is a valuable and essential tool for many individuals in a diverse group of occupations around Australia. When your vehicle stops working properly or experiences a severe decline in performance, it can have a significant impact on your day to day work. That's why it's necessary to spend some time under the hood from time to time. Aside from essential repairs and the items on the maintenance schedule for your Isuzu DMAX, there is more you can do to prevent problems in the future. With the right modifications and quality parts now, you can avoid headaches later.

The Isuzu DMAX is a workhorse, but the nature of its direct injection engine means that problems can develop over time. With every stroke of the motor, hot oil from the crankcase vaporises — and it can end up sucked back into your engine's air intake. Over time, that oil condenses and solidifies on many of the important internal workings of the motor. As a result, you'll experience a decrease in power, worsening fuel economy, and component failure in the most extreme cases. How can you stop that oil from sludging up your engine? With a ProVent catch can, your DMAX will experience drastically reduced oil accumulation, improving the health of your most valuable tool.

The highest quality Isuzu catch can available

Oil separation requires a high-efficiency system, or else it can begin to affect the horsepower output of your engine. To preserve the power of your DMAX, a catch can attached to the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) port of your engine is essential. This device ensures that the only things returning to your engine for re-burning are air and residual fuel vapours. Using an efficient filter inside, the aerosolised oil particles venting out from your engine accumulate inside the catch can rather than gunking up the rest of your Isuzu engine.

Western Filters only provides the highest quality genuine products to its customers. With the ProVent series by MANN+HUMMEL, you can rest easy knowing that the kit you purchase will perfectly fit your vehicle. All you need to do after installation is remember to change out the filter inside the ProVent system periodically.

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At Western Filters, we've spent more than 35 years providing dependable, knowledgeable service to our customers. We aren't just here to sell you a product — we're here to help. When you need an Isuzu catch can that "just works" and won't break the warranty on your engine, we can help you find the perfect ProVent product for the job. Equip your work vehicle with the accessories that will keep it running strong for years. Browse our online catalogue now and place an order for prompt shipment, or ring us on (02) 9831 1715. Our experienced crew is happy to chat with you and answer your questions about catch cans, how they work, and even installation.


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