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Posted by Western Filters on 8 / 6 / 2022

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of heading off-road and exploring our beautiful country. A road trip is one of the best ways to see Australia, and if you’re willing to take it a little further than your average camping trip then you can explore some truly amazing places. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite 4WD destinations, as well as some tips on how to make your next off-roading adventure unforgettable!

Cape York 4WD

Cape York 4WD is an amazing track for the whole family. You can travel with a caravan or camper trailer and take your dog with you, there are many places where the kids can swim in the creek and explore, and it’s a great place for fishing.

There are also opportunities to go snorkeling and diving in some of Australia’s most pristine waters.

Gibb River Road, WA

● Distance:* The Gibb River Road is over 600 km long and can take up to five days to complete.

● Time:* Because of its length, you may need more than one day to drive the track. It also depends on which areas you choose to explore and whether you want to stay overnight at one of the designated camping sites along the way.

● Nearest town:* Derby (population 4000), which is approximately 6 hours away from Perth and 2 hours from Kununurra by road (and just over an hour by air).

A permit is required for travel along this track during certain times of year; please check with your local Department of Parks & Wildlife office if you are planning a visit. Please note that permits are not always available during peak holiday periods so be sure ahead of time if they are available at all times or only when there's space left on tours or other transportation options such as private 4WD hire companies who will drive you along this route instead! If there isn't space available then I would look into other excursions in Australia instead since it would probably be easier for them anyway...but make sure before trying again because sometimes it's worth waiting another year if necessary!

The Oodnadatta Track, SA

The Oodnadatta Track is one of the most famous 4WD tracks in Australia, and it’s easy to see why. This remote route runs through the heart of the Outback from Marree to Alice Springs and includes some spectacular scenery. It takes about seven hours to drive across this remote region, but as you can see from this photo gallery, there’s plenty to see along the way!

● Visit Oodnadatta Ghost Town

● See Lake Eyre at its lowest level ever recorded

● Camp at Pink Lakes (with your own camper van!) or stay in accommodation with facilities

● Hire a vehicle with a guide who knows their way around here if needed

● Get fuel before making your way down here - petrol stations are few and far between!

The Blue Mountains, NSW

If you're planning a day trip to the Blue Mountains, be sure to pack your climbing gear. The region's trails range from easy to advanced and are some of the best 4WD tracks in Australia. You'll have plenty of time for activities like hiking, camping, or just exploring the area's picturesque forests and rivers. Plus, if you're interested in learning more about Aboriginal culture or ancient rock-art sites that date back thousands of years (including some found within Katoomba), there are plenty of opportunities for that as well.

The Blue Mountains have been inhabited for millennia by the Gundungurra people, now represented by the Gundungurra Tribal Council Aboriginal Corporation based in Katoomba, and, in the lower Blue Mountains, by the Darug people, now represented by the Darug Tribal Aboriginal Corporation.

The first documented use of the name Blue Mountains appears in Captain John Hunter's account of Phillip's 1789 expedition up the Hawkesbury River. Describing the events of about 5 July, Hunter wrote: "We frequently, in some of the reaches which we passed through this day, saw very near us the hills, which we suppose as seen from Port Jackson, and called by the governor the Blue Mountains." During the nineteenth century the name was commonly applied to the portion of the Great Dividing Range from about Goulburn in the south to the Hunter Valley in the north, but in time it came to be associated with a more limited area.

Binns Track, NT

The Binns Track is the longest 4WD track in Australia, and follows the original Gunbarrel Highway route constructed by Len Beadell. It was built in the 1960s, but never fully finished due to lack of money.

The track is more than 1000km long and takes around 7-10 days to drive from Alice Springs on the Stuart Highway down through central Australia all the way to Warburton on Australia’s west coast—and it's remote! Make sure you are prepared for self-sufficiency when visiting this part of your country.

In need of some off-road fun? Try one of these amazing tracks.

Australia is a country that offers an abundance of off-road tracks, with each one offering a unique experience. From the variety of different vehicles that can be used on each track to the skill level required to complete them, Australia’s off-road tracks are sure to have something for everyone.

Trails by Trailblazer are some of Australia’s most popular four wheel drive tracks and range from easy (beginner) right through to extreme (advanced). While some trails take only half an hour, others require several hours at a time or even days! The cost also varies depending on what type of vehicle you want to use but generally starts at around AUD$90 per person for an afternoon tour or even more if you want something more long term like camping out overnight in nature. This can sometimes include meals as well as equipment rental costs if needed (such as chainsaws).


But if you are still not convinced that 4WD touring is for you, I challenge you to spend a week in the great Australian bush and tell me that at the end of that week you don’t want to start planning your next trip.

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