ProVent Catch Can Kits make older cars feel new

Posted by Western Filters on 8 / 6 / 2022

ProVent catch can kits make older cars feel new

If you haven't heard of ProVent catch can kits, you're not alone. With every passing year there are countless advances in automotive technology that go completely unnoticed by the average person, even if they happen to be car owners themselves. This particular piece of technology is one of those things. In this post we'll take a look at what a catch can is and explain why it's something you should have installed on your pickup truck or sports utility vehicle (SUV).

What does a catch can do?

A catch can is exactly what it sounds like: a can that catches things. In this case, oil and other contaminants are caught in the can instead of being returned to the engine. This prevents oil from entering the intake manifold and keeps your intercooler or turbo clean from oily build-up.

When should I use a catch can?

●Using a catch can to filter out oil from engine blow by has incredible benefits. The most important? It protects your vehicle’s engine from damage. Not only will you increase the lifespan of your engine, but you’ll also experience improved performance, fuel economy and reduced noise.

●You want to protect your engine from damage caused by excess oil consumption and buildup

●Your vehicle is older or high-mileage and uses excessive amounts of oil

●You want to improve fuel economy

●You want to improve vehicle performance

●You want to reduce engine noise

Catch cans for your car

What is a catch can?

A catch can is a small tank that connects to your car's engine and, true to its name, catches all the oil blow-by and other unwanted gunk that would otherwise gum up the intake system.

What does a catch can do?

The main purpose of a catch can is to collect oil that is released from your engine during normal operation. In the past, this oil would end up in the intake system and lower your car's efficiency and performance. Over time, it would also lead to build-up on your valves which causes reduced horsepower and could even void your warranty (if you still have one). A catch can will prevent these problems by collecting excess oil as it builds up in your engine and keeping it out of the intake system.

How does a catch can work?

The Provent 200 by Mann & Hummel, uses technology originally used by the compressed air industry, where clean dry air must be 100% oil free !

The Provent oil separator or catch can is plumbed into the line between the outlet of the top of the crankcase to the air intake after the air filter. Western Filters have developed over 40 vehicle specific kits to make the job of fitting them directly to your 4wd or turbo diesel ute a breeze !

Universal catch cans for DIYers

If you’re the hands-on type or want to customize your catch can solution, then a universal catch can kit like ProVent is for you.

ProVent 200 and ProVent 400 catch cans are designed specifically for use with diesel engines, but it doesn’t matter if you drive a Ford, Nissan, Toyota or any other brand. This kind of universal kit gives you the ability to install it yourself on any engine and on any vehicle. It comes with everything you need for the install: brackets, hoses and all necessary fittings.

With this kind of catch can kit, there’s no need to worry about finding matching fittings as they come included in the package. No need to worry about customizing mounting points either – they come included in different sizes so they fit all vehicles

Save money by installing a catch can in your car.

Save money by installing a catch can in your car. You'll be doing something very good for your vehicle. At least twice as much crankcase blow-by is fed back into the engine, which will increase the oil consumption and decrease the fuel economy. The blow-by also leaves deposits on internal surfaces that degrade rings and cylinder liners, increasing oil consumption and decreasing fuel economy even more!

The ProVent Catch Can kit will remove more than 95% of harmful blow-by from entering your crankcase before it has a chance to contaminate vital components with abrasive carbon sludge, while providing clean fresh air to your engine.

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