Fleetguard Fuel Filters


Provide solutions to every challenge faced by your fuel system

With the ever-increasing demands of emissions control and fuel economy, Fleetguard & Cummins Filtration fuel filtration products provide critical protection to the components of diesel engine fuel systems to achieve optimum performance and reliability. Whilst diesel fuel is the engine’s energy source, it also performs several other key roles: Cooling – by circulating through the injection system and absorbing unwanted heat / Lubrication – by separating the moving components in the fuel feed and injection pumps / Cleansing – by transferring contaminants to the fuel filter(s), where they are removed. Poorly performing fuel systems impact fuel economy, power output and cost of ownership through increased maintenance, repairs and downtime. Fuel systems are affected by various forms of contamination such as particulates, water, paraffin wax and asphaltene. Cummins Filtration is leading the way with new technologies in fuel filtration to removal harmful contaminants, thus improving reliability, service intervals and fuel efficiencies, and reducing costs.

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