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From OEM factory approved antifreeze coolants through to next-generation glycol-free corrosion inhibitors, PrixMax can supply coolants that specifically match the chemistry and performance requirements of passenger car and heavy duty OEMs. Owing to recent product developments, PrixMax now offers arguably the most technologically advanced coolant range in the Australian aftermarket. Beyond the development of sustainable fluid technologies, PrixMax has designed innovative system technologies to assist with environmentally responsible fluid management in the field.

As a company that is committed to providing sustainable solutions, our goal is to develop and promote cleaner technologies and processes that work towards eliminating unnecessary impacts on the communities and environments in which we do business. Choose the technology you can trust.

OAT Long Life Coolants:
PrixMax MEG95, PrixMax Envirocool, PrixMax RCP Platinum, PrixMax RCP (PrixMax RCP coolants were the world's first coolants to be certified as 100% Carbon Neutral from cradle to grave).

Hybrid Coolants:
PrixMax Euro Ultra, PrixMax JNK Pink, PrixMax JNK Blue, PrixMax MEG95-N, PrixMax MEG HT, PrixMax Heavy Duty Plus

Conventional Coolant: PrixMax 2108
Other Products: High Performance Products, Heat Transfer Fluids & Coolant Testing.

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