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There's no greater testament to solid engineering and craftsmanship than an engine that continues to run well even after years of heavy use and hundreds of thousands of kilometres of travel. It takes more than just good construction to keep a vehicle in good working condition for long periods of time. It takes proactive maintenance and a keen desire to keep the engine running as well as possible. After all, there are many parts inside motors which can break down without proper care and attention.

To that end, Provent catch cans can make for an excellent addition to your vehicle. Created by MANN+HUMMEL and available through Western Filters, these kits are a quick and easy way to eliminate troublesome oil buildups inside your intake manifold. Frequently also called a "catch can," the Provent system traps and collects oil that would otherwise deposit in problematic places.

There's no need to spend time searching through kits to find the right one for your vehicle. Western Filters has an excellent range of products. We are always working to add more compatible products as well.

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The experienced source for the right Provent kits. Operating continuously and successfully for more than 30 years, the Western Filters team has seen a lot of innovation and change in the automotive industry. To provide the best service to our customers, we've always strived to remain on the cutting edge. Whether it's providing clients with access to reliable filters at the right prices or working to bring the benefits of Provent catch cans to more people, we care about results. When you need assistance in choosing the right products for your vehicle, we'll always go the extra step to ensure you have what you need.

In addition to offering many vehicle-specific kits, we also provide our customers with universal Provent systems.

Don't see your vehicle listed on our product pages? One of these universal kits could be the right fit for you. Our staff can help you determine exactly which product will work best with your vehicle.

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The superior build quality and long life of MANN+HUMMEL (made in Germany) Provent systems equals the simplest, most effective way to handle the gases ventilated from your engine's crankcase. Don't forget to consider the optional oil return plug available on some models — why waste the oil your Provent system recaptures when you can send it back into the engine for lubrication? These robust systems fit many vehicles and we are always expanding our product offerings. Place your order today for prompt shipment within two business days, or browse our other fine products. Questions or concerns? We can help find you the answers. Visit our contact page for more details.


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