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Diesel Fuel Filters / Pre-Filter / Water Separators

Fuel Manager is a unique, patented, modular diesel fuel filter/water separator system that can be customized for virtually any application. Designed for use in truck, automotive, heavy equipment, marine, industrial and agricultural diesels. The completely modular system has interchangeable components that can be added or removed easily and independently.

All Fuel Manager units remove both particulates and water, and can be adapted for a variety of applications. Optional modular features can be added by the manufacturer, dealer, and in most cases the user. These optional modules include see-through water collection bowl; 12V or 24V electronic water-in-fuel sensor; 12V or 24V electric heaters; diverter heater, which uses return fuel to prevent waxing; hand priming pump; electric lift or transfer pumps; automatic air purging; filter change indicators, etc. Filter elements for the Fuel Manager Series are available in five different micron ratings: 2 micron final filter/water separator / 5 micron final filter/water separator / 10 micron pre-filter/water separator / 30 micron pre-filter/water separator / 150 micron coalescing pre-filter/water separator


Fuel Manager 29578 Optional Hand Primer


Fuel Manager 29578 Optional Hand PrimerAn optional Hand Primer quickly purges air from the fuel system after an element change, maintaining flow integrity on vacuum-side filter applications. What is Fuel Manager ?Stanadyne’s Fuel Manager diesel...


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